USMC VETERAN • CEO of Hiiro Media Twitching my way through Gaming. An Anime Geek. A Fusion of Luxury Connoisseurship With Geek Culture. Champagne and Gaming❗

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The leading Authority on the Global Luxury Market place. A connoisseur of all things luxury. I build businesses and call things how I see it. The world is changing and your business should change just as fast to keep up

Business Philosophy

Branding Vs. Sales. Branding builds strong foundations and bridges with your clients. First work on yourself before you try to fix the external environment of your business. 



The Luxury Geek Podcast is underway with a YouTube Channel in the works later this year. It will showcase all things luxury related as well as business related. There will be other thought leaders as guests as well as knowledgeable individuals who will be guest for topics related to their field of expertise. The show is available for download on Itunes, Google Play and Sound Cloud

Does This Sound Familiar?


You have been Struggling to gain real momentum or your have hit a brick wall in your business because you have to spend your time answering emails, managing social networks, planning the next event. You're working IN your business rather than ON it.